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The V
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Default Dawg Hate

Please Lord, let us begin the new 2013 Year with great UGA Dawg Nadlicker loss. May they go down in defeat and cause all of the want to be's heart problems and head issues. In the name of Bobby Dodd, 'may Georgie lose'.

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Helluva Engineer
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Default Re: Dawg Hate

pi$$ on 'em, eh?
Lady, people aren't chocolates. Do you know what they are mostly? Bastards. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard fillings. But I don't find them half as annoying as I find naive bubble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine.
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Ceiling Cat
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Default Re: Dawg Hate

It's spelled dwag
Originally Posted by 05GTCorndog
Clemson's football program is the Shoney's buffet of college football.
Originally Posted by ThisIsAtlanta
Being a Tech fan is something like being a vulcanologist, except instead of studying and trying to predict huge explosions, you're studying and trying to predict huge disappointments.
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Default Re: Dawg Hate

What a perfect week it will be if UGA loses. 790 the zone will implode and I will listen.
Originally Posted by GTBJW
Glad bags are black so that you can't see the bulldawg puppies fighting for air.
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Jolly Good Fellow
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Isn't Jarvis jones ineligible for the game today?

Edit: John Jenkins.
Originally Posted by Beestorm View Post
rednecks huggin radios.
Originally Posted by beej67 View Post
STINGTALK NEEDS THAT ARMORED SCOUT CAR. Someone buy it for us. I will help maintain it, and will cook the burgers for the Stingtalk Tailgate. We can fly the Gadsden Flag and shoot paintball guns at the Hivers across the parking lot.
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Default Re: Dawg Hate

Did you see Chuck Dowdle out there in the middle of the coin toss? A security guy was telling him to get off the field! lol
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Default Re: Dawg Hate

Originally Posted by skiATL View Post
It's spelled dwag
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Default Re: Dawg Hate

Let's go Huskers!
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Default Re: Dawg Hate

Go huskers.
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Default Re: Dawg Hate

Murray INT!
Originally Posted by WracerX View Post
Although premarital sex is forbidden by Catholic cannon, the Notre Dame football team is seriously screwed this weekend
Originally Posted by 05GTCorndog View Post
I don't dislike Clemson. I just know I'm more likely to get crabs than lobster at both places.
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