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Default Fantasy Baseball - Need Help

I've got a fantasy baseball draft this week for a $$$ league. I'm definitely out of the loop. Who should I try to get? Any sleepers late? Who is tearing up the Spring?
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Default Re: Fantasy Baseball - Need Help

Yu Darvish
Freddie Freeman
Dustin Ackley
Eric Hosmer
Andrew McCutchen

Those are some sleepers that I took. Well there more of guys to pick once you get in a few rounds. Its not about the amazing players you get, its all about who has more depth. Dont rely on spring stats that much but Eric Hosmer almost has the triple crown.
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Default Re: Fantasy Baseball - Need Help

Agree on Hosmer. Also, from Royals, Lorenzo Cain. He hit .300 briefly with Brewers a couple years back, killed it in AAA last year, killing it this spring. He's going to be the opening day starting CF. Probably bat second, steal some bases, and help out in runs scored.
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Default Re: Fantasy Baseball - Need Help

Jason Kipnis could turn out to be a solid 2B that could be available in later rounds.

Had a decent spring, but was raking it last year in the majors just before he broke his arm/wrist or something.

Watch out for a bounceback year from Shin Soo Choo as well. He's generally highly regarded but was injured all last year, so he may have fallen on some people's draft boards.

Jayson Werth and Ryan Zimmerman have been tearing it up in the Spring, but they will likely be taken in early-ish rounds...
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Hosmer 1B (not really a sleeper)
Ackley 2B
Gordon SS
Lawrie 3B
Montero C
Morrison OF
Rasmus OF
Belt OF
Bryce Harper with 23/24/25th pick

Delgado SP
Pineda SP
Zimmerman SP
Bumgarner SP
Garcia SP

League CL

McCutchen isn't a sleeper. He's a top 3 round pick.

NUMBER 1 SLEEPER IMO is Mark Trumbo. He's always taken very late.
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