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Default Re: Junior Seu

That Bobby Ross led 1994 team has had alot of deaths:

-- In 1995, about five months after the Chargers lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, linebacker David Griggs died in a car crash. He was 28.
-- In May 1996, running back Rodney Culver died in a plane crash. He was 26.
-- In July 1998, linebacker Doug Miller died after being struck by lightning while camping. He was 28.
-- In May 2008, center Curtis Whitley was found dead of a drug overdose. He was 39.
-- In October 2008, defensive end Chris Mims died of complications from an enlarged heart. He was 38.
-- In February 2011, defensive tackle Shawn Lee died of a heart attack. He was 44.
-- In December, linebacker Lew Bush died of a heart attack. He was 42.
Then Wednesday, tragedy hit the team and the NFL community again when Seau was found dead in a bedroom of his Oceanside, California, home. A handgun was found near his body. He was 43.
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Default Re: Junior Seu

Originally Posted by JacketFan77 View Post
No homo ...

If I ever meet you at a tailgate, I am going to have to fight the urge to just give you a big ole hug, man. You've had a rough year with your dad and bro and everything else and I just think you're a good man all around. Cheers, mover.
+1, I agree!
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Default Re: Junior Seu

Originally Posted by refrigeratormover View Post
I'll be watching my son at The Citadel the next four years but beers on me when I make it back to The Flats.
I'll buy you a consolation beer when GSU whips them.
Originally Posted by beej67
gsu wins the thread.
Originally Posted by BarrelORum
The bottom line is you can't hang with me. Period. My dick is just bigger than yours.
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