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Default Re: Coach Paul Johnson's Legacy

Originally Posted by 00Burdell View Post
Heisman, Alexander and Dodd are also in the 100 win club. Not many schools have three 100-win coaches. Hopefully, CPJ will stick around long enough to give us four. Nobody has four.
I did not know that. Thanks.
Originally Posted by DressCheeseSideSeaboard View Post
It's because we have a complex simple high school modern spread offense where our linemen cut block and bulldoze defensive linemen and our quarterback always runs with the ball when he's not handing it off, pitching it, or throwing accurate passes downfield. It's difficult to defend when a team only has a week to prepare, but everyone has the blueprint on how to stop it so it shouldn't be that difficult.
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Default Re: Coach Paul Johnson's Legacy

Originally Posted by lonestarjacket View Post
Don't want to join jacketups side, but Navy and Hawaii are NOT BCS schools. They are FBS schools. There is a difference.
Do you mean automatic qualifying BCS conference members, because both Navy and Hawaii are eligible for BCS bowls? I do realize you are correct because the FBS is the official designation. However, in the context he used it, I assumed that he meant FBS because I can't name a single successful FBS head coach that we were in the running to get. So if that is the criteria, we wouldn't have a head coach other than someone recycled who had been fired.
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