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Default Re: We run this state!

19-16 record or 14-12 is hardly "running anything" IMO and when you figure in the postseason kill shots and the high exposure wins at Turner Field, I'd still give them the edge. They ended our season in 2001, 2004 and 2008.

Does a meaningless mid-season 25-6 win really trump these memories for you? If so, perhaps you should be talking about uniforms instead of actual sports.

I like GT baseball, but they have underperformed so much in crunchtime the past 10 years it isn't even funny. It is hard to get behind this team because we all know Austin Peay or some soft throwing 5ft 6in Oompah Loompah pitcher from Miss State or Alabama is going to shut us down in the tourney.

But again, THWG.
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well i did some digging around and according to investopedia butthurt spot price drives the futures price. And butthurt futures are used to hedge against butthurt not expectations like i previously said. But it is done by shorting the futures if you're long in the butthurt index. Which skyrockets the day the kid chooses to go somewhere else.

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