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Originally Posted by JacketFan77 View Post
And, black folks eat it

I grew up with a kid whose grandmother would buy little bags of the stuff at the ghetto gas station up the street from us. Ate it right out of the bag. She gave me some one time. Weird.
Not really, it's about 90% of kaopectate (spelling probably is wrong). It can be used to soothe the stomach and if that was the purpose, no harm done. It coats.
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Default Re: Rock-Chalk-Jayhawk

Originally Posted by GT1992 View Post
So they decided to chant about a rock? That should have died out 50 years ago as the old chants did. And who the hell lets the geology department anywhere near a chant? Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.
So they chant about a rock, big deal.

Its better than singing about rum, whiskey, girls, wait... nevermind.

Yea they suck.
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Originally Posted by beej67 View Post
Gettysburg was totally Chanesque.

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