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Default Re: The Diesel # 21 hating on Tech

Per undergraduate we have just as many fans in the stadium as UGA. (undergraduate enrollment also is a gauge of alumni numbers)

The difference is the players don't see fans "per undergraduate", they see empty or filled seats.

Georgia Tech graduates are incredibly loyal. I know of many who fly back for every home game, or drive back for 6+ hours for home games (me).

UGA fans are a bunch of rednecks, most of which have less than an hour drive to the stadium, but even with all those sidewalk fans for the enemy we STILL match up per undergraduate.

This means that our actual undergrads and alumni go to the games with a HIGHER percentage than UGA undergrads and alumni.

But the players just see empty seats.

Jon - Your average GT student/grad supports their football team 2x more than an average UGA student/grad. Stay with us.
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