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Default Re: "Upon further review, we played pretty well vs NCSU."

Originally Posted by jeff0106 View Post
I call for less Twitter time and more thinking about "What the hell am I doing?" time.
I call for him to have to Twitter every time he calls a timeout. Something like this:

gtcoachhewitt: 10 seconds left, wish I had a timeout to call.

gtcoachhewitt: 2 minutes left, I think they should give teams extra timeouts for the last two minutes.

gtcoachhewitt: 6 minutes left, would be nice to have a timeout. Will bring up adding more timeouts during offseason meetings.

gtcoachhewitt: Just hit a HUGE three, crowd's going nuts. Gonna get the boys in here and settle them down.

gtcoachhewitt: On a 7-0 run, been a while since a dead ball so I'm going to call a TO to get Brad Brad in.

gtcoachhewitt: Couple seconds into the second half, just realized I forgot to tell the team to play unselfishly during my locker room speech. Better take a full and let them know.

gtcoachhewitt: Big inbounds play here, need some time to draw something up. Hopefully they don't play a zone when we come back out.

gtcoachhewitt: Story just broke that Miami landed a solid O-Line recruit. Want to let the team know the good news.

gtcoachhewitt: Just broke the sole of my shoe, need some time to repair it and ask the kids why they don't move when I yell motion. Think they may not be paying attention.
You know how some offenses have names, like Four Corners, Motion, Flex and so on? Here are the possible names for the offense G-Tech is running today: "Inertia" "The Diarrhea Motion" "One Dribbler, Four Watchers" "Clogged Toilet" --Bill Simmons

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