View Full Version : How would you rate the "pre-ACC "season so far?

12-27-2002, 02:53 PM
From my perspective the season so far is about what I expected (except for Syracuse, which is a little like ignoring the UGa football game).The team is straining to find a personality.
Jack is a good player but not as assertive as I would thought after seeing his Ga game performance.Bosh is as good as advertised and maybe better.Elder is one dangerous scorer.McHenry is more assertive but still very erratic in shooting.
To me, Nelson,Luke S,Lewis,Ish,and Brooks have shown only limited improvement over last year.I love big ED but he has been very erratic with not only his foul shooting but overall shooting.Luke may weigh 255 now but he plays like he is 210.The other day at 7 ft the guy got TWO rebounds and 4 turnovers in 18 minutes of play.Marvin is playing soft and his strength, shooting, is off.Ish is a force but his shooting is way too erratic(going 1 for 9 will not win).
On top of the concerns though is actually the foul shooting.When you can't shoot a good FG %outside then the you need to get inside and force fouls. But if you can't then hit the FTs, you are in trouble and effects your whole scoring confidence.
That being said they are still a talented bunch of guys and a real threat to everyone they play at least at home. Away games are iffy with this young team.
It looks like Jack is the key.If he can drive more to goal he can breakdown Def and set up team mates(Ed,Luke,Bosh) inside with drop-off passes or get fouled so HE can shoot FTs..He could also set up Elder and Lewis for outside shots.(many teams run a "force 'play in which a guard drives to basket on one side and other guard sets at 3 pt line to receive pass and shoot if the DEf guys are "forced" to drop and cover driver.)He also needs to direct play more especially to Bosh for shots so Ed can clean up inside.
PH needs to do a better job in game coaching.That Tenn game was pathetic.There were MANY ways to win and few ways to lose ,yet he managed.The Minn game was also very questionable in game mgt.He did handle the Ga game well but 1 of 3 in close games is not that great.
Just imho.

12-29-2002, 04:13 AM
Good post.

If I had to grade our performance this year, I would give us a B.

Free throws have cost us being 7-1 and a grade of A.