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11-24-2002, 02:35 AM
Great first win first of all. This wasn't the best team, but we went out and took care of buisness in fine fasion IMO.

FTs were about my only concern walking away. Just something that has shown up in ex and today.

Loved how aggresive we were on D. The press was awesome. Few break downs when they beat the press. Many more turnovers than break downs were caused. images/icons/grin.gif

At times we didn't rotate out quick enough to defend the three. Didn't happen a great deal, but sometimes. Some of this was caused by being aggressive in the post doubling down. We seemed to get caught in traffic. Just trying to look at areas we could improve in on a day when we completely dominated. images/icons/wink.gif

Althought Ish had a tough time at the line tonight(Glad he hit his last two attempts) was really impressed with D, rebounding, and explosiveness. He also shows confidense in hitting that three from corner. Important to his game because that brings the D to him where he can explode on the baseline. There was a stretch in the game where I felt he just flate took over on both ends of the court. Loved seeing that.

Ed Nelson was typical Ed. Getting good position and playing good D. He's added a little spin move at the basket I hadn't seen. Sometimes he takes it strong and others he uses a little half hook. Althought he's bigger/wider than last year, he looks to be quicker to me.

Lewis didn't look for his shot much in first half. Scoring many on fast breaks. Jack runs the lane well. Many of his assist came when he drew defenders on the break as he hit the foul line and dished for an easy layup. Lewis ran the floor well and took a number of those dishes from Jack. Noticed him in first half not looking to hit that open three. That changed in second. When he was open he was looking more for his shot. Lewis looked confident in all areas of his game. He'd definatly more of a leader now.

This front court is the best I've seen at GT in long time. Have mentioned Ed Nelson, but with Bosh, Luke, Tarver, and Brooks we've really got some horses in the paint.

Luke's size just makes him tough in the middle. Both Both and Tarver are really athletic. Bosh is going to bet the pub and rightfully so. He's real deal. Agree with statement that he's probably our best player on the court already. Does so many things well. Tarver has got a lot of game as well though. Very quick off the floor. Uses quick hands well already. He and McHenry are going to deflect a lot of balls this year. Tarver's lower body looks real strong while he's going to add a lot of muscle and bulk in time to his upper.

While I feel Jacks ability to push tempo and pressure with the ball on O is his stong point. He played the press better than anyone IMO on the court. He really got after it. That showed me a lot. Both of our point guards in Jack and McHenry are very good press players. I can see Jack having a game where he has a tripple double. Wouldn't shock me one bit.

Can't say enough about Bosh. If there was ever a match up problem in the ACC it's him. Does so many things well. The games just seems to come to him. Didn't seem to over push anything. Agree with Conyers that he's the best player to set foot on this campus in a long time. Has a total game. Plays D well facing up. Will probably have a tougher time with a true banger, but he's got the quicks. He has game with basket to his back and facing up. He handles the ball well. Has a soft touch, but also seems to have a power game.

This was such a fun team to watch today. Be interesting to see what happens against the pups on Wednesday. Really looking forward to it.

This was pretty long. So much more to really say about this team. I'm definately excited about GT Basketball.

BTW, want to echo what Conyers said. Was a great crowd today for first game against someone like Ark PB. Don't understand the post on Hive not happy with student turnout. Thought they were there in force for this one.

GO Jackets! Beat the pups!

11-24-2002, 03:13 AM
GTT, thanks for the post on the game.


11-24-2002, 06:51 AM
Ditto. images/icons/grin.gif