View Full Version : Grading Our Offensive Line

11-24-2008, 06:27 AM
First off, this isn't meant to be a flame of any sort whatsoever. Just wondering how others feel about the OL.

Let's say our OL started the season with a grade of 70 on a range of 0-100.

How do you think they should grade out now?

Higher?-Lower?-No Change?

What grade would you give them?

I think they have made a noticeable improvement, but share your opinions.

I hope all you fellow GT fans have a wonderful and fulfilling Thanksgiving and then a Merry Christmas too.

11-24-2008, 07:23 AM
I think you are being generous with the 70 to start the season. But the last few games, the Oline has really started to put it together.

We put up points and yards against FSU and Miami. And those are two very good defenses. We racked up a lot of yards (no points) against UNC.

I would give them an 80 or so right now. They seem to be pulling things together at the right time. Although, they are going to have to provide some kind of pass rush to beat UGa. I think we are going to need 100 yards or so out of the passing game to win. Maybe just a catch or two (like BeBe's near catch in the endzone) to keep the corners soft for the running game.