View Full Version : After watching a GT victory......

09-07-2008, 02:27 PM
yesterday afternoon I got a call from a friend offering up 2 tickets to UF and Miami. With the wife being a HUGE Gator fan there was no doubt about whether I was going or not.

Great crowd and atmosphere, but the reason for this post.....UM defense is for real once again. Watching them live makes me a believer. I will say that UF gave them some opportunities by not keeping enough people in to pick up the blitz, but in the end UM's defense caused havoc in The Swamp. UF was befuddled offensively. they made some adjustments in the 2nd half and UM paid dearly.

They are big and they are fast....ala previous Miami defenses. This will be a great challenge for us come November.

Score was not as close as the final, but the UM offense couldn't keep the defense off the field and thus they got tired in the 4th quarter.

Will be intersting in the future, say November on a Thursday night in Atlanta at BDS@HGF.