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12-21-2007, 03:01 PM
Eagles defense will sport a new look tomorrow in the Bowl Game. They will all be wearing tomahawk hair styles. I like this. It makes for a nasty disposition. We had our famed Blackwatch defense in the 80's. Maybe our new DC can bring some of this attitude to our D. next year.

I will have to say, former players that were on the sideline during the ugager game commented that our D. had no fire in them and they suggested that someone needed to get after em on the sideline and kick arse. With Tenuta being in the pressbox, I didn't like that. I like that fiery DC that is on the sidelines kicking their arse, like Van Gorder and Mickey Andrews do.

I wonder if our DC is that type? Does he coach from the pressbox or sidelines? We might be able to tell on Saturday.