View Full Version : Father Mario

Jacket Ob
02-21-2005, 07:44 PM
I used to see Father Mario behind the bench for most of the games when Cremins was around. I see him occasionally now. He was a great guy and a big help to me in the early 70's when I was at Tech. Does anyone know how to get a hold of him? I'd like to thank him.

02-22-2005, 02:06 AM
Father Mario is still serving at GT Catholic Center. He is doing well when I attend his mass every Sunday. For more info on how to contact him, please click
HERE (http://cyberbuzz.gatech.edu/catholic/location.html)

Jacket Ob
02-22-2005, 12:11 PM
Thanks man. Just emailed him. Say a Hail Mary for me, SuperDuper. I'll do the same for you.

02-24-2005, 06:42 PM
He's still around. He has been right behind the bench at the Women's basketball games for most games this season. I've only been to a couple of men's games this season, and generally have sat too far away to notice :)